Small penis: methods to increase the size

How to increase penis length or its width? Some men do not consider the size of his sexual organ perfect and ready to go for the increase. Then, perhaps, if it is in the house?

How to increase penis length?

small dick

At this time there are a lot of men who believe that their penis size is not enough to satisfy their partner and begin to cause of this doubt of his own ability.

But before deciding that the length or width of the penis is insufficient, it is necessary to determine the standard size of the penis, and how it should be its ideal size according to the girls. Perhaps, for doubt in their ability not the causes.

How to increase the size of the penis? You can do so at this time in many different ways. This and surgical and non-surgical methods.

Ointments and pills

The experts, the scientists say that the positive effect of these funds is, as a suggestion, since the drug does not affect in any way on the body and has a placebo effect.

This opinion is difficult to refute, as well as at this time there is no accurate test that would have confirmed the fact that the use of such funds is really in any way affects the length or width of the penis.

We can say with certainty that these ointments and pills negative effect of the male body are not, as well as their composition is almost always there is the ginseng, a variety of grass, yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of such funds, perhaps, strengthen your body, but on the size of the penis of an effect it will have.

Exercises and weights to increase penis size

Manufacturers claim that if every day for 8 hours of wearing a similar attribute, it is possible to obtain enlargement of the penis by several inches. But this way is very questionable, because in this way you can just stretch the dermis, but not if the same sex organ.

Before starting the execution of various exercises, which should influence the length and width of your penis, you need to understand that the sexual organ is not the biceps. Pump its impossible.

In spite of this, in the network continue to gain in popularity, various training courses, which is a bit how to contribute to changing the size of the penis. For example, one of these complexes is called "jelcing". They say that includes a series of exercises from the arab technical, that have come down to us from antiquity.

Vacuum pump

The result is a vacuum, which stimulates the flow of blood to the sexual organ, in its turn, becomes nervous and visual, of course, increases.

After the procedure at the base of the member is fixed to a small ring that prevents the rapid flow of the blood. Even if it is a popular technique, consider this way is not possible, because:

  • it is not excluding the impotence of the patient;
  • it is likely damage to the blood vessels, causing you to appear bruising;
  • it is not excluded a lesion of the soft tissues.

In addition, after the sexual organ will be shot ring will be exactly the same size as it was before.

The increase in penis size surgically

In the journal "European urology today," 10 years ago, he published an article in which he said that the maximum length to which it is possible to enlarge your penis, does not exceed 3 centimeters. At this point, men can do one of two things.

The increase of the length

It is not a secret that thanks to the presence of small strings, the male penis is connected to the pelvis. Which support the ligaments, that are closely connected to the sexual organ, and hide part of it in the depths of the body.

The surgery involves the loosening of the tension of the ligaments, which is achieved thanks to their cutting. The result after surgery, the most sexual organ becomes visible. However, there is the risk that, in the future, beams start to melt.

To avoid this side effect, the man must every day for 6 months for wearing on the penis special equipment special.

Increase penis width

But after some time, doctors have understood that the fat places begins to deteriorate, and later a member of the seems to not adjust. After that he started to do another operation, in which a member is implanted the transplanted tissue from non-genetically similar organism, which is used in various types of reconstructive surgery.

The Doctor J. Rosenthal argues that after the operations have side effects, as in the previous case, there is. The result is really achieved, and lasts for one year. But, unfortunately, none can give the absolute certainty of what is given to the fabric after the transplant behaves as it should.

In addition to these two common ways, there are others. For example, if the patient is heavily overweight, then increase the size of the penis can be visually with liposuction. In the course of an operation to the member base are removed, the deposits of the fabric.

What conclusions can be drawn regarding the penis enlargement methods?

Also, if the man will try to change the size of their penis with the help of these funds, and not get the desired result, you may fall into depression, which may consequently also be the cause of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

And this problem you need to remove using a medication drugs. Also insecurity can lead to premature ejaculation, which also has a negative effect on the quality of your sex life.

Really increase the length or width of a member, it is possible only with the help of a surgery. Any other methods that in the best of cases will not have any result, in the worst cases, they can even injure you. Before deciding on any procedure, make sure to consult with your doctor and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

The whole truth about penis enhancement

Given that manhood must be of exceptional size. Well, let's say, not really, for the supply of boots, but still. Many men are complex because of a small envelope the main body and begin to look for different ways to increase the good on the Internet offers completely. However, many of them do not help, and badly.

Should I stretch

increase penis

We have analyzed the most popular techniques today that offer to enlarge the penis. To separate, as they say, the wheat from the chaff.

Very tempting, seems to be the possibility to extend the dignity with the aid of a simulator called extender. Promised, that is a mechanical dilating the organ of 4-5 cm and even increase its volume of 1.5 cm

And again — reduces the curvature and increase the libido.

Despite the fact that many men say that the method helps them (a member is increased in few months to 1-2 cm), all mark a sharp pain in the wrist unit, which, among other things, to wear every day. This is awkward. Also, it helps the author not all of them. If the decreased elasticity of the tunic albuginea of the penis, to stretch, its pointless.

The factors that influence the length of the member:

  • the legacy
  • the characteristics of growth and development
  • the hormonal status
  • violation of fetal development

To rub or not rub

Even more questionable penis enlargement method — rubbing it into him, magic creams and gel, which are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the advertising, thanks to tannin, for a week, you can bring the male organ gigantic. In the meantime, the doctors say that creams for penis enlargement — no longer a "scam".

In fact, if those funds could penetrate more deeply within the epidermis, they would have had to register as drugs, and free sale of them would not exist. In the best cases, the cream is not bad.

But the introduction under the skin of the penis gels, pastes, vaseline oil fraught with dangerous consequences, even the loss of the skin of the penis and also the ability to have an erection. Such patients should operate with the aim to save the penis and the restoration of its functions

But vacuum pump, which creates pressure, which presumably leads to an increase (a different method from the Internet) can easily encourage the rupture of the blood vessels. Also, experts have recognized a method that is absolutely ineffective. Massage, that offer some of the artisans, or exercise, is also hardly going to be good. How to enlarge penis

A man, in which the size of the genital organs is significantly lower than the average, it does not solve their problems, spread genital cream or hanging him load. You should seek medical help.

Today the only really effective method to solve this problem intimate, doctors refer to the surgery, that really help raise the body up to 5 cm and has indications and contraindications. Also, not always the body needs to increase.

The average size of the penis at rest of about 9 cm, erect, about 15. This — statistics, and is not the ideal to strive for.

How to increase the thickness of the penis (all the ways)

Possibility to enlarge the penis always worried about the men. Studies show that approximately 30-40 % of men unhappy with the size of the penis. Yes, and artificially created the myth that the greater the size of the penis, the better, leads to the fact that these needs are always more. In this regard, the medicine is not in place and continues to evolve in the direction of methods and devices to increase not only the length but also the thickness of the penis.

The basic technique

Today, there are several techniques that can help you to increase the thickness of the penis. The advantage is that all of them are suitable for applications in the home. Then, one of the main techniques it is important to mention the following:

  1. Manual method.
  2. Vacuum pump.
  3. Extender.
  4. The doctor the method, based on the use of hormonal drugs.
  5. Surgery.

Consider each and every way read more:


One of the most simple methods of penis enlargement, according to men. The most important thing is that the method has no side effects to the body of men, and does not require financial costs in the accessories. Enlarge your penis can be long and thick. For this use a variety of exercises.

It is important to understand that, technically, the increase in length involves traction of the tissues of the corpora cavernosa, and the thickness can guarantee their extension. If you cause chiropractic traction of the tissues of the male penis is not difficult, and by extension, the prerequisite is to maintain the erection for a specified duration of time. And this increases the risk of injury.

Exercises to increase thickness of the penis will be the most effective erection. Start the training must be with loads of low intensity, then gradually you can increase the intensity and complicate the exercise. Do not forget that before starting the training, it is necessary that the heating of the tissues.

The faster you can achieve with the help of hot water and a sponge. Another important point is the presence of plenty of lubricant, you can use any lubricating gel. During the execution of exercises in a "dry" without pre-heating of the tissues of the high risk of injury of the tissues of the penis.

After the preparation of the proceeding for the execution of the exercises:

  1. Start with the caresses.
  2. Gradually increase the pressure on the penis before reaching the maximum erection.
  3. With one hand, hold in the area of the base of the penis, the other gently retard the area of the head.
  4. Continues to delay for a minute, after which the pressure is relaxed, then repeat it all over again.

There is another option, exercises to increase the thickness of penis at home. The preparation phase is similar, that is, don't forget about the opening, and lubrication. Then grab the penis in the area of the head and gradually begin to expand and compress. At the time of maximum voltage has to be a couple of seconds.

After performing exercises it is recommended that you do a relaxing massage, which helps to restore circulation. The disadvantage is the duration of the process.

the operation

This method allows you to not only increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also to get rid of impotence. Vacuum pump for men is a cylinder with the pump. In this capacity you insert the penis, and the pump gradually deviates from an air cylinder. Later managed to reach a significant increase in the penis for a short period of time.

Extenders are the less popular of the vacuum pump. It is not advisable to use the men with the presence of anatomical anomalies of configuration of the system, the genito-urinary tract. The advantage is the absence of pain, the effectiveness and absence of side effects.

Extender allows you to adjust the tension and traction of the penis. In the future, to get a better result, you can also use the special bars.

It is believed that the result is observed already after one month from the commencement of the use. It is important to note that the device does not extend cells the structural elements of the organ, and helps to increase the number of them.

Then the result obtained is stored for a long time.