The manufacturer of the vacuum pump with your hands

Air pump is a pump, forming a vacuum. It has a huge suction force, and is created by eliminating the air or other substances from the closed capacity. What is this device, what are the principles of its functioning, variety, and characteristics, how to build the device with the hands, — all these questions it is necessary to study.

What devices are and where they are used

vacuum pump

In the modern world, people very often encounter with the void in the life of the house. These devices apply in the case of braking of the car and the air-conditioning. There is an appliance to vacuum the air out of food bags or large objects.

Services apply in different areas:

  • Textile;
  • Food;
  • Drug;
  • Medicine;
  • Oil & gas;
  • Chemistry;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction.

There is also a hydraulic pump for women and men by improving the blood flow in different organs. Vacuum tools that are used practically everywhere, so their design is different. The main types of these devices varies. Liquid ring was developed before all the others and is used at the time.

For such a device need a constant flow of liquid and electricity.

The vacuum in the chamber formed by the rotation of the mechanism, and is immersed in the liquid. Exchanger-traffic circles — the most popular in production. Are used for small, closed systems. Rotary rotary vane pump mainly consists of 2 cameras. During operation of the rotor the air of a single-module moves in another. These pumps are 2 types of oil and oil-free.

The manual creation of a device of the syringe

So a mini hand-pump available, and without problems will bring together every man.

To make the device from the syringe, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Hospital syringe, preferably more;
  • Tee;
  • Phone, the same diameter as the tee and the syringe;
  • 2 check valves.

The first flexible plastic tube cut in 3 parts, and joins the t. A tube attached to a syringe, and the other two – the aquarium valves.

You can use the aquarium valves with the same diameter and the same tube.

A valve inserted to the air intake and the other for the release. During the movement of the piston of the syringe to capacity, pumped out the air. In the same way, it is possible to pour water from one vessel in a second.

The pump device of the

Your appliances hydraulic pump in the house is made of ordinary car, or bicycle pump. The work is composed of 4 consecutive steps. That is to say:

  1. Disassemble the device, and is extracted from the cuff.
  2. The bracelet flips the other side, and screwed back.
  3. The pumping tube is installed a check valve.
  4. On the free end of the valve wear a tube or a pipe made of durable material.

The essence of the change is that it changes the direction of the blow: when you press the arm decreases the volume of the chamber, and the air exits through a reversed cuff.

During the lifting of the arm deposit creates a vacuum.

Home-made, the device may be useful in the home, for example, to draw air in coatings for storage of cushions, pillows, and objects of mass without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

From different compressors

For the pumping of large dimensions, it is possible to manufacture the pump with the electric motor. It is not possible for the pumped tank contained the liquid, otherwise the water vapor quickly displays the device. The compressor is not broken, the system will add equipment for the dehumidification of the air.

The manufacturer of the pump in with the compressor is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Remove the filter on the compressor.
  2. At the entrance of the compressor, joins the tube to suck the air.
  3. You turn on the device.

Hydraulic pump with your own hands, you can create one by using a broken refrigerator or air conditioner. The assembly procedure is simple and is carried out in several stages. Hacksaw cut the top. Removed the motor from the frame. The copper tube is inserted a special tube and is coupled to a small tank.

The upper part of the compressor replaced with a new, smaller diameter. The cover is made with the help of a soldering iron brass aluminum. Is covered with linoleum for sound insulation.

The pump is equipped with a tubular level for checking the oil level (which you can do from a body of a normal pen). The suction mount joins the air filter, you can use auto. Between the mounting and the filter is mounted in the exhaust system of excessive pressure. Included in the network.

How to make a vacuum pump

how to enlarge the cock

Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a very powerful vacuum, and widely used for agricultural machinery. The work is carried out through the immersion of the rotating mechanism in a liquid.

Just change aquarium compressor is not difficult at all, the design, just a little suffer a mutation:

  1. With a screwdriver, unscrewing fastening with the body.
  2. Understand the most common, and you can disassemble the check valves.
  3. The valves are inverted, and the device going back.
  4. The tube joins the field blank. To eliminate the humidity in a casing, made a small hole.
  5. The system is installed to the exit of the gas from a tube of appropriate size.

The mounting of the pump is carried out in multiple stages. Within a round the battery is inserted in the blade mechanism. It is installed in such a manner not to come into contact with if the same the body. Drum partially filled with water.

The impeller motor starts to turn, and the liquid under the action of the centrifugal force fills the pump.

The inflow of water takes place from the tronchetto or in the tank. Puller removes the bearing. Headgear plate and attack studs. When tightening the nut is accomplished by pressing the plate on the shaft.

Shades-of-production hydraulic with their own hands

The main advantages of membrane-piston pump — in its versatility and the absence of noise. The blank is blown under the influence of the piston. The cam devices of the void created by 2 main parts of the mechanism — "cam", that with respect to one another.

These pumps do not need to lubricate, because of what they have a low productivity and require the replacement of spare parts.

Vacuum pump you can do it yourself with the help of a syringe, drive - or of the electric pump of the compressor, the compressor from the fridge, the compressor from the aquarium. To select an option, for a start, you should decide where and why it used to be.

The pump is made up of several components:

  1. Plastic bulb with a lip seal that is inserted into the action.
  2. The mechanism that creates the vacuum by pumping air.
  3. Rubber hose that connects the pump with a ball.

Action inserted inside the bulb, pumped out the air, and a vacuum is created. This leads to a greater care of the air. For its launch is pressed, a special air valve or without hole, closed with a finger.

In the shops there are hydraulic options of different models. But the pump you can easily make it yourself from scrap materials. Approaching the bulb the right size (you can do this by syringe for pastry or a plastic bottle), making 2 holes. To a hole with the aid of sealant or glue joins the pipe (silicone, rubber or eyedropper). The second hole is fixed to the sealing cuff, gives grip and allows you to not to hurt. With the help of sealant transient pipe connects to the pump.

If you need to use a vacuum pump you can save money by collecting so the assembly alone. However, its creation takes a lot of time and effort. For the manufacture of the device with your hands is sometimes enough to use already available from the starting material. What type will be selected will depend directly on the complexity of the work and the mode of use of the device.