Macho Man Buy in Pharmacy

For the convenience of users Macho Man and for the needs of each pharmacy, this tool has printed instructions on the packaging. You should know that you do not have a long and useless notes, and the procedure is very simple and is reminiscent of his first times. It is composed of three phases, which are:

  1. you need to make sure that the tool applied to clean and dry the penis. If this does not happen, then you'll need to go into the shower, after that it is good to dry up;
  2. next, the tool has pulled out from its packaging, and is applied to a sexual organ;
  3. in a matter of 10 minutes you will need to wait for the main effect, after which you can sink into the pleasures of the flesh.

After reading this list, you can understand that the entire process of use does not require more than 15 minutes, and the effect can last more than an hour. The dosage of this medication no, but in the end, it is recommended that you spray it with a spray for sex organ 3-4 times, for the result might influence even the most pessimistic configured, the patient.